Thursday 29 March 2018

VSTS / TFS 2018 Viewing test run history for a given test case

Divya Vaishyani from Visual Studio Team Services team has rightly pointed out that it is possible to view test result history for a test case using the Test results pane as documented here. However, the test results from across Test Plans. This is quite confusing and different than the test history that showed. The workaround in this post allows you to view history for the same test plan

With the release of TFS 2018, running automated tests from Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) isn't supported any more. (see TFS 2018 release notes) doesn't support MTM to run automated tests from. This was announced in VSTS and TFS road map about two years ago. 

The test planning and management features in TFS / VSTS are pretty cool. However, there is one feature that I feel is rather missing and that is ability to view the history of a particular test case. In MTM, you could just click on the "View Results" link on a Test Case and view previous results. However, in VSTS, it is not possible to view test case's run history. There is a feature request in the user voice for it. Do remember to add your vote for it!!

1) In TFS, click on "Test" from the top menu and select the test suite where your test case is. Select the test case that you are interested in. Then Click pass or fail button. This will generate a manual test run for the given test.

Trigger a Manual Run for your Test Case

2) Go to MTM --> Test --> Analyze Test Run. Select option "Manual Runs" in the View option
The good news is that there is a workaround - using MTM - for you to view history of test runs for a particular test case.

Find the Manaul Test Run in MTM

3) Open the test run. Right click on test and click "View Results".

View Test Run in MTM

4) The list of results will show you the manual run as well as automated runs, which is what you are really looking for.

View Test Results

It's still a workaround and you still need MTM but you can see the history of test cases this way. I hope you find this post useful.