Monday, 17 December 2012

Get Specific Version in Visual Studio 2012

Having worked with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 for some time now, I must say it definitely provides a much better development environment than earlier versions, both in terms of speeds and in usability. There are, however, a few things which I find annoying. One of them is the position of the "Get Specific Version" option from Source Code Explorer.

In Visual Studio 2010, the option was quite obvious … the second option at the top of the right click context menu.

In Visual Studio 2012, this is well hidden inside the Advanced option at the end of the context menu

A few people I know struggled in finding this option, so thought to blog about it.


MikeGledhill said...

Thank you. I also couldn't find this menu item. This is a poor UI decision by Microsoft, and will waste every Visual Studio developer's time when they also need to start Googling to find it...

i said...

You can customize the context menu as follows:
1. [Tools]>[Customize...]>[Commands]
2. select the [Context menu] radio button
3. select [Team Foundation Context Menus | Source Control Explorer]
4. click [Add Command...]
5. curse the person who did not include a search feature on the Add Command dialogue box
6. select [File] from the [Categories] list
7. select [TfsGetSpecificVersion] from the [Commands] list

Hamid said...

Thanks Mike.
Very helpful