Thursday, 11 April 2013

Some Updates

As I resumed blogging this time around, I swore to myself that I would post more frequently this time. It wasn't to be. My last post was done about month and half ago. So, now that I am done with my work for the day and I have got some good bedtime reading with me, I thought its' about time to write a quick post.

Life has not been dull in the last month or no… far from it. In the midst of some very busy office work and a short holiday trip, there has been some good learning and quite a few things to share. I will post about them soon. But first, I have got two exciting news to share

The first one is that I am a father for the first time. Our little boy was born early last month. He is slowly coming to terms with this world and is continuously keeping us enthralled.

The second great news is that I have been inducted into the Visual Studio ALM rangers program. Special thanks to Mike Fourie for recommending me. Here is the post from Willy-Peter Schaub introducing me to the program. I am thrilled to bits to be part of the program. The rangers program has released some great software in the past and I am looking forward to contributing positively.

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