Wednesday, 24 June 2009

TFS Performance Report Pack

Ever since we have moved our TFS to a virtual machine on Hyper V, we have had complains about the performance of the server. The most critical part of troubleshooting performance problems is to quantify them.

For Team Foundation Server, I found "TFS Performance Report Pack", created by Grant Holiday, an invaluable resource. It is a set of reports that collect data from the TFSActivityLogging database (the database which logs all actions on TFS) and provides a visual view of the response time, number of requests and wait time for source control requests.

Until recently, the Report Pack was available only for SQL Server Reporting Services 2008. But recently Jim Saunders from TFS Developer Support Team has produced a version of it for SSRS 2005 as well.

Installation of TFS Performance Report Pack is very simple.

  1. Download the zip file from here and extract it to your TFS Application tier server.
  2. Browse to your Reporting Services, which for server TFSSERVER would be http://TFSSERVER/Reports
  3. Create a Data Source for the database TFSActivityLogging
  4. Import each report file individually.
  5. For each report, open the properties of the report and select the option "A shared data source". Click on the Browse button and select the data source created in step 3.

The reports are self explanatory and Grant Holliday's blog post describe them well.

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