Friday, 10 July 2009

Google Chrome OS

The recent announcement made by Google that it is launching it's own operating system has created quite a media frenzy. Google Chrome as it named promises to use "Web as an OS". Not sure if I understood this marketing phrase correctly, I thought to find out exactly what is it that Google is set about doing?

After reading the details, it became quite clear to me that what google are doing is that they are "Creating a new windowing system on linux kernel". This is the only technical detail I could find of the new OS on Google blog. What constitutes an operating system is quite a debate, but I am sure purists would agree with me that "Kernel is the operating system".

So, from the details which has emerged now, Google are not creating an operating system. They are merely re-launching an existing open-source proven operating system with a new windows system (shell).

I am sure Google would make it very simple, user-friendly and easier-to-use but at the end of the day it is linux with a google shell on it. Not a new operating system as the headlines make it out to be.

PS: Some people won't agree on it and if you want you are always welcome to leave a comment and I will try to answer. My post is based on the information available today.

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